Objective Driveyards is a corporate-state established in the evolving world of Dual Universe. We aim to design ships that combine elegance and efficiency with a readiness for the cold-blooded nature of interstellar warfare. We will bring an extensive array of premier spacecraft to the marketplace: battle-tested by our navy and refined by an organized team of engineers and designers.

We will provide dependable high performance spacecraft through innovative and unique design, reliable production, and a steady supply of new features generated by a team with an organized and efficient communication structure. Our ultimate goal is to establish a highly productive, self-sufficient, corporate-state. By building on the backbone of the corporate fleet and maximizing cost efficiencies, we will develop a robust trade network, providing the highest quality ships and products to customers on Alioth and beyond.

Our ships will carry the mark of a brand that stands for excellence and commands respect by customers across the galaxy. Using our industrial strength to influence major factions in the universe and protect our interests with an esteemed military force, we will play a part in shaping the course of Dual Universe’s history.


The corporation is led by the CEO who presides over the Board, including the CFO, COO, and the three Directors. The Directors each lead one of the three Branches, while the Corporate Officers handle external relations and coordinate the organization as a whole.


Through our hand-crafted internal structure and career mechanics, we allow members to do what they love without restricting them, rewarding each contribution accordingly while providing a community to enjoy their time in Dual Universe with like-minded people who share a common sense of purpose.

Beyond having a versatile structure, we pride ourselves on having a versatile group of people. Whether they are heroes in action, leading fleets into battle and standing up to defend the corporate-state, or skilled engineers, bringing form to the group’s ideas, each of them has a part to play in making the organization complete.

Our common spirit is what makes us who we are: the willingness to show dedication, the effort to be among the best and the ingenuity to be unique – each of these identifies what Objective Driveyards stands for.

As of January 2019


Objective Dynamics

Objective Dynamics develops tech, designs blueprints, script systems, and conducts exploration.

  • Research

    Study materials, physics, and mechanics in order to discover and unlock new technologies.

  • Design

    Analyze, design, and build mass-efficient structures.

  • Systems

    Design, code and build the electronic brains behind our constructs.

  • Exploration

    Explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

Objective Industries

Objective Industries is the circulatory and digestive system of the corporation

  • Extraction

    Prospect and mine valuable minerals and materials from asteroids and planetary bodies.

  • Logistics

    Controlling and tracking the delivery of everything from a single engine component to a massive capital ship.

  • Manufacturing

    Build shipyards, factories, and engineer the production line.

  • Business

    Sales marketing and everything in between.

Objective Navy

Objective Navy is responsible for protecting Corporate interests from external threats.

  • Command

    Control warship assignment, deployment, operation, and battle formations.

  • Recon

    Scout ahead of battle groups, provide overwatch, and hunt enemy formations.

  • Support

    Provide battlefield construction, repair, and analysis of ships and constructs.

  • Strike

    Command and pilot fighters, interceptors, and bombers in strike ship operations.



Joining us means sharing our sense of purpose in creating a lasting mark on Dual Universe. Whether your interest lies in ship design, manufacturing, or fleet operations − we offer a diverse range of opportunities. We’ll give your role in the corporation meaning from day one − so you can put your skills and creativity into practice. Find your calling wih ODY, and submit an application today


You must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Speak proficient English
  • Be able to use Discord for voice comms